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Self Drilling Screws

One of the quickest and easiest tools to use is the self-drilling screw. On jobs where time is of the essence and rapid completion is a necessity, these handy tools are a valuable method for quickly connecting metal to wood, metal to metal, or wood to wood with little effort. Read More…

Self Drilling Screws Self-drilling screws feature a drill point that creates its own hole. As it is driven into the material, it automatically creates its pilot hole, which eliminates one of the steps in the connecting process and saves time and labor.

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Some of their many features include resistance to corrosion, acids, and weathering. The ease with which they can be installed saves on time and labor. Though other screws may require some form of preparation before being installed, self-drilling screws can be used immediately regardless of the surfaces to be connected.

What is a Self-Drilling Screw?

There are an endless number of types, sizes, shapes, materials, designs, and configurations of screws from ones that hold hinges in place to ones that ensure that beams are solidly secured. The self-drilling screw stands out from all the other screws by the nature of its design and appearance.

While traditional screws require a pilot hole to be able to puncture a surface, self-drilling screws feature a drill point that creates its own hole. As it is driven into the material, it automatically creates its pilot hole, which eliminates one of the steps in the connecting process and saves time and labor.

Types of Self-Drilling Screws

As with the many other types of screws, there are more than one type of self-drilling screw, which are divided by the type of head, point, threads, and drive mechanism. One distinguishing feature that has increased their use is the addition of a drill point, which is similar to the point found on a drill bit.

The drill point type of screw can be used like a drill bit and cuts quickly into any type of material. This unique addition to the screw allows it to be manufactured from various forms of hardened steel that can be drilled into certain heavy metals, thus speeding up manufacturing operations.

The varieties of self-drilling screws include bugle head, eye lag, flat head, hex head, truss, washer head, and many more. There is a type and kind that can be used for any application or connection project.

Uses for Self-Drilling Screws

The first thing that comes to mind when using this type of screw is the construction industry, where cost savings and finishing of a job are necessities. Being able to place a screw on a drill bit and drive it in reduces time on the job.
Since its introduction, self-drilling screws have become an essential part of a variety of manufacturing, industrial, and construction projects. The fact that they do not require a predrilled hole and can be used on nearly every type of material has made them the ideal tool for quick and efficient completion of a project or product.

The nature of modern enterprise and business necessitates speed and efficiency. This solid, durable, and resilient tool has found a secure place in today’s rapidly moving world.

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Self-Drilling Screws

Self-Drilling Screws

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