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Choosing the right fastener can seem overwhelming, but luckily, there are a few considerations that make the decision process easier. Use the following tips to help choose the best specialty fasteners for your product or machines:

Analyze cost: Since fasteners are such an essential part of nearly every product, their importance cannot be overrated. Many companies see fasteners as a low-cost product where they can skimp on cost, but this can end up costing more in the end. Often, using higher quality pieces and well thought-out designs will help a company save money in the end.

Avoid overkill: It is possible to give a fastener manufacturer a too-specific design request for your fasteners. Consider the option of using a different type of fastener in place of a more expensive one if a less expensive fastener can do the job. Maybe a traditional fastener shape can work instead of an unusual, customized design.

Consider end use: Think of how the product will be used before deciding on a fastener type. If the product needs to be opened frequently, metal fasteners are probably a better choice. However, if a product will never be opened, the cheaper alternative of adhesive closures might be a better option.

Explore new technology: Don’t limit yourself to traditional fastener types. Many manufacturers are constantly creating new ways to fasten products, and some of the new methods might be perfect for your product.

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