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Boker’s, Inc.

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Minneapolis, MN

Located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Boker's is a manufacturer of metal stampings. The company was founded in 1919 and since then has continued to grow in size, ability, and global presence. Deep drawing, punching, flat blanking, and other metal and plastic stamping capabilities allow the needs of many customers with industry knowledge, dedication to customer satisfaction, and experience in sales.

Over the last 90 years of service, the company has accumulated over 28,000 stock tools for manufacturing metal stampings. Manufacturing flat washers is a specialty, and with this extensive selection of stock tools, the company can provide most washers quickly and without extra tooling costs. However, Boker's also specializes in manufacturing unique washer shapes and non-standard washers. Boker’s has manufactured special spacers, shims, fender washers, square washers, and even non-metallic washers.

Though washers are the most popular products, Boker’s capabilities yield essentially many metal stamping possibilities. With dimensions as large as 12" by 12", thicknesses between .005" and .134", and deep draws up to 3" deep and 8" in diameter, Boker’s can accommodate any of your metal stamping requirements. Metal stampings can be fabricated from over 2,000 different materials, and Boker’s offer numerous secondary operations like tapping, heat treating, and deburring. These metal stamping products are utilized in a broad range of industries including the telecommunications, HVAC, medical, automotive, hydraulics, and aerospace industries.

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